Friday Night viewing, Danish football produces something incredible


From time to time football likes to throw up unique moments, it’s what makes the sport so universally popular both watching live in a stadium or from the comfort of your living room. Personally for me the jaw dropping matches that live long in the memory tend to be those that had special meaning, Manchester United’s 1999 Champions League Final injury time comeback, Steven Gerrard’s 2006 FA Cup equalizer or seeing Mark Rankine score with the last kick of the game to send Preston into extra time against Birmingham City in the 2001 1st Division Play-off Semi which we then won on penalties. So tuning into to an innocuous Friday night Danish football match I was pleasantly surprised to be left with that feeling of witnessing something incredible, this time it wasn’t with a world to share with immediately afterwards.

As I nonchalantly flicked on the footy Friday night I happened to catch the Aalborg vs Aarhus match poised at 1-0 with 85 minutes played. Superliga top scorer Lukas Spalvas had earlier notched his 16th of the season for Aalborg in the 30th minute, the third placed Jutland team were cruising to a comfortable home win when out of nowhere the game turned completely on its head, fortunate for me I was just in time to witness  an unlikely set of events.

87th minute – Aarhus equalize to tie the game 1-1, Morten Duncan Rasmussen beats the keeper from close range.

88th minute – Aarhus win a penalty and then it’s saved, match stays a 1-1. Straight from kick off Aalborg manage to concede a penalty, hand ball in the box. After a 2 minute delay as missiles fly down from the home stands Morten Duncan Rasmussen dramatically has his spot kick saved by Aalborg’s keeper Nicolai Larsen.

90+2 minutes – Aalborg take the lead, 2-1 to the home team. The drama continues as Aalborg score via an own goal. Jens Jonsson is the unfortunate recipient who puts the ball in his own net after a dangerous Aalborg corner was not cleared away. Surely the game was won…

90+3- Aarhus equalizes yet again, matched tied at 2-2. The most dramatic moment of the crazy game is saved for last as Aarhus send up stalwart goalkeeper Steffen Rasmussen, with 3 minutes left of the hefty 6 minute injury time the Aarhus keeper is left unmarked by defenders and smartly heads home to incredibly level the match.

The referee finally blows his whistle before any other crazy occurrence can ensue, neither team could work out if they should of won, lost or drawn the match and sat there watching from my sofa neither could I, As the Danish commentators kept shout shouting I repeatedly heard the phrase ‘Det Sindssyg’ this translates to ‘It’s crazy’ and I couldn’t agree more.

I prayed that many other football fans residing in Denmark had the joy of witnessing a match with these unique set of circumstances, peering over Twitter as a football fan does post-match I was not surprised to find no mention outside of Denmark as to what occurred, obviously with this sort of low key tie the football world would not of been aware of the fixture but after what I witnessed I can now firmly recall this crazy end and know that football fans in all walks of life who will eagerly jump online take a look to believe what they were told. Aalborg 2 – 2 Aarhus in March 2016 will always be a game I’ll never forget and a great reminder that even the low key matches can utterly astound you.




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